Local Non-Profit Profile - Coalition For The Deschutes

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Today we profile one of the many local non-profits that work to make our community better every day. One of the things we really like about this organization is that they bring together groups with different interest to find common ground to restore and make the Deschutes a healthy vibrant river for everyone of Central Oregon. Consider helping in any way you can. MORE INFO HERE.  

Coalition For The Deschutes. Working to restore the Deschutes River so fish, farms, and families can thrive.

Water in the West has always been a contentious issue, with strong advocates for agriculture, development, recreation, and many other uses. There are no real winners when those forces compete, but often there is a loser: the river.

We engage the entire community—including families, irrigators, farmers, recreationists, and businesses—to overcome old obstacles and build bridges between historically divergent interests.

In building a broad-based constituency committed to restoring the Deschutes River, we are changing the traditional narrative of water in the West. We believe we can and must do better—together, we will.

Rivers draw us here; they enable and anchor our lives. We name the rivers and impose on them, but rivers define us too. They connect us literally and metaphorically, to each other and to place.

From the Cascade Mountains to the sagebrush steppe,
in Central Oregon, if you can find the river,
you can find your way home.