Liberty High School Senior Makes Notes of Positivity

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) By Michael Alachnowicz

Imagine walking into school and seeing sticky notes all over the walls.

Well, that’s exactly what’s happening – and for good reason – at Liberty High School. “We all have a purpose,” said Braxton Brawley.

This is just one of many messages Brawley has spread across this campus. Messages of kindness even hang from the ceilings, and all down the hallways.

This begs the question – “Do you know how many notes you’ve wrote?” “It has to be pretty close to about 200 to 300,” said Brawley.

It’s about the kind of culture Brawley wants to make. Liberty High principal Shawn Trosper says the initiative Brawley is taking is affecting others in a great way.

“It’s just a nice thought. It’s nice that somebody took the time to try to spread that positivity. So, of course it’s a good thing and you see students react as they pull it off their locker, teachers off their classrooms. So it’s just a good way to either start your day or kinda get you through,” said Trosper.

But it isn’t confined to just the high school. Brawley says people have reacted to his mission over the Internet.

“I’ve had people message me on social media just saying thank you. I’ve had people tell me they’ve had rough days and when they read the sticky notes around campus, it brightens them up. Some people are taking them off the wall and taking them home with them,” said Brawley.

And now, other students are joining Brawley in his effort to make Liberty High School a place of smiles.

“And I just tell them to connect with their feelings and jot them down on the sticky notes and put them everywhere they can. And people will start to realize, and they’ll start to feel how I feel,” said Brawley.

Brawley hopes in the end, his small notes of kindness will spark a big wave of positivity.

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