KPOV (Local Public Radio) Membership Drive

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We are proud to support KPOV and local independent radio. You can stream KPOV along with other local radio from our Stream/Cast Page.  Consider contributing to KPOV and keeping local public radio strong in Central Oregon. A message from KPOV station manager is below.

Dear KPOV Family,

Our world offers rich metaphors for Emerge, KPOV’s spring theme. We have the classics – butterfly from cocoon, bear from long slumber, flowers blooming. This past year, of course, it is virus and walls.

We have the cliché: Thinking outside the box is actually a nudge to emerge by expanding our thoughts beyond the tops and sides we did not know were there.

We humans are complex and mysterious beasts, with our folded-up brains and frequently modulating imaginations.

Can you dream up more ways to emerge? Crack your way out of old patterns that no longer serve? Extend your heart beyond the flaws of loved ones you now miss so much?

Open the gates around your boldest visions to set your magic free?

Will you stretch beyond every limit until you circle back to sit before the treasure of your own soul and do the irresistible happy dance of recognizing this is what you have always been emerging into?

The soul KPOV emerges toward is our mission and commitment to bringing you the best radio on the planet. Yes, the planet, while we are wildly loosing the fires of our muses, why not?

Why not jump on the radio with a local black man – and outstanding KPOV DJ – within 10 minutes of the Derek Chauvin verdict to get his views, feelings, and take on the local impact — like we did Tuesday? Why not, if it serves you?

Why not treat you to the lovely sounds of birds and bugs in the Saturna Islandwetland with the Wetland Project like we did Thursday morning, if it starts your day in a more peaceful way?

Why not Democracy Now! and The Radical Songbook if they make you smarter and inspire your movements.

Why not 50 local DJs curating their own shows in their own way if it treats you to new music or old favorites you never hear anymore.

Why not radio by the people and for the people?

Ain’t that the way it’s supposed to be?Emerge with us! We need your support to do it. Please make your membership gift at