Know Before You Go Avalanche Awareness Seminars

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Last week there was a significant avalanche at Paulina Peak and an experienced local backcountry skier was caught in the slide. Luckily he survived. It is a reminder that traveling in the backcountry requires snow safety skills and awareness. Please “Know Before You Go”. There are classes and people to help you get the knowledge to stay safe. More INFO HERE. 

Tuesday Feb 4th at Immersion Brewing.

Know Before You Go is a FREE basic avalanche awareness presentation aimed at highlighting introductory concepts and tools for traveling in avalanche terrain.

Learn about the destructive power of avalanches, safety equipment, how people get in trouble, and the basics of how to avoid them. In line with COAC’s mission of increasing avalanche awareness and safety in Central Oregon, this presentation will provide a good foundation for learning about backcountry travel or is an excellent refresher for more experienced backcountry users.

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