Killer Roadside Attractions

Between Post and Paulina, you can’t miss this beauty on your left hand side right where Camp Creek Rd T’s HWY380.  Located in the geographical center of Oregon, she’s guarded by a wire fence hugged by sagebrush and blown up tumbleweeds along the front, cotton wood trees to the right of the home and then wide open flat lands all around. A ways off in distance behind the house is a ridge line of what looks like table topped hills, making a beautiful dramatic backyard scene, one that you’d typically see in a classic old western movie.  For an old homestead that was probably thriving in the early 1900’s, the size of it is rather large.  The folks who built this seemed to have been very well off, it has three chimneys and an L shape to the design.  My favorite part is the built in step ladder on the right, leading up to a square window that perhaps lead to a loft of some sorts.  I wanted so much to learn of the people who lived here and the stories of their journeys through life, but unfortunately I’ve yet to find anything more than just photos when I go digging.

I first discovered the structure on a trip to Izee, which is a microscopic spec on the map out in Eastern Oregon where my significant other’s parents had lived before he was born.  Since that trip was encompassed by multiple family members on their own agendas, I took it upon myself to make an extra trip out there to capture the old gal on my own time. When I stood there and gazed at every detail of what was left standing, my rich imagination had me in those old dresses, dirty and sweaty from the daily chores that were imminent to “my” families survival.  I saw the animals strewn about the vast fields and smoke rising from the chimney, all the while weaving in the sounds that came along including my commands to the children who has natural instincts to play, wander and seek adventure.  With a quick snap back to the current time, my heart sobbed for a split second knowing that I may never know what it’s like to live a truly simple, yet harsh and fulfilling, organic life.  Oh how times have changed, and I stammer at the revelation of how strong, disciplined and persevering humans used to be.

Sights like these that tell the story of America in a beautiful decrepit glimpse, will one day be extinct, forever gone and most likely forgotten, and it makes me kind of sad to think about it.  I want to preserve every one of them somehow, I guess at the very least, through photographs and blog posts lol…now if I could only make this my full time job? Well, for now…. CHEERS and happy homestead hunting!

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