Injured Backcountry Skier Assisted By DCSO SAR Near Todd Lake

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Did you know Deschutes County Search and Rescue Unit is a collaboration with the Deschute county Sheriff’s office and community volunteers. This is the organization that responds to those in need. Yesterday is a reminder of how lucky we are to have such an incredible group at the ready and the need to support their efforts. It’s important. To help support DCSO SAR Go HERE.

Date:  11/19/20

By:  Lt. Bryan Husband, Search and Rescue Coordinator

Assisted Skier:  Tindel Wells, 20 yom, Bend, OR

On 11/19/20, at about 9:00am, the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Unit was advised by 9-1-1 dispatch of an injured backcountry skier, a little over 1/3 mile northwest of the Todd Lake TH.  The injured skier, later identified as , Tindel, Wells, was skiing with a partner in the steeper terrain surrounding the area, fell and suffered non-life threatening injuries, which were hindering him from returning to the Dutchman Flat parking lot on his own.

One DCSO SAR Deputy responded to the Dutchman Flat parking lot, while another DCSO SAR Deputy coordinated a DCSO SAR Volunteer response.  Six DCSO SAR Volunteers responded to the DCSO SAR base in Bend and gathered snowmobiles and medical supplies to complete the mission.  They then drove to the Dutchman Flat parking lot, responding the remainder of the way on snowmobiles.  Two addtional DCSO SAR Volunteers had been recreating near Moon Mountain and responded directly to the injured skiers location to assist.

First arriving DCSO SAR Volunteers made contact with Wells at approximately 10:45am.  They were joined by Mt. Bachelor ski patrol staff and assisted Wells down to the Todd Lake TH, where they met with the remaining DCSO SAR Volunteers.  Wells was further stabilized and transported via snowmobile and snowbulance to the Dutchman Flat parking lot, where he was transferred to Bend Fire Department personnel at about 11:47am.  Wells was then transported to St. Charles hospital in Bend for further treatment.

DCSO SAR Volunteers arrived back at DCSO SAR base in Bend at 1:15pm.

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