How to See Comet NEOWISE

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We are so stoked to see the local photos coming in for Neowise. If you have been looking at the BYB photo gallery on the APP and website homepage you have seen the amazing images from Central Oregonians. We put a few together in this image.  This event will continue for another week of spectacular display in the night sky. Below is the official NASA website with how to view it. Binoculars will improve your viewing tremendously.

Check out local photographers post in the BYB gallery, some will give you tips on how to photograph the comet. Don’t be intimidated by night photography.  It’s not that hard really. You’ll need a tripod and a camera that will take longer exposures – up to 30 seconds should do it. Give it a try and see what you can capture.

Discovered for the first time on March 27, 2020 this comet has proven to be more amazing than most other comet flybys in our lifetime. What a great surprise. Make a point to view this, Neowise won’t be back by earth for another 6,800 years.  We like to think of it as a nice sign from the heavens to stay positive and appreciate the magic the universe has to offer us. Here is a link to the NASA PAGE for information on how to see Neowise.

Have a great weekend out there in Backyard Bend and maybe make a wish upon a shooting star.

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