Hearts On Our Doors

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It’s the start of a new week here in Backyard Bend and we found Positive News to help keep those positive vibes and brain activity going. If you have something positive to share with the community contact us at info@backyardbend.com and we’ll help share it. Stay positive this week, it’s good for your health.

Local photographer, Jill Rosell started a Facebook page a few months ago for local small business owners called I Love Bend OR Businesses. When she started it the economy was good and there was no Coronavirus. Little did she know this page would become a resource to support local small business during this time. Check it out and support local small businesses. I Love Bend OR Business FB Page.

Recently Jill also started a campaign called, “Hearts On Our Doors”. It’s a simple idea; have our kids make hearts of all kinds and place them on our homes front doors. It gives kids something meaningful to do and reminds us of the support and love for our local community.

Here’s the quote from the FACEBOOK POST.

“We all have hearts!
It is time to share ‘our hearts on our doors’ Bend Oregon.
Let’s make this an activity for all the kids in Bend who needs something to do right now. Get creative with your hearts, you could even gift them to other neighborhood doors.”

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