See the Heartless Bastards in Bend July 29th. Learn more here.

Like their fellow Ohioans the Black Keys, the Heartless Bastards started out as a fairly spartan throwback rock band. With their sixth album, A Beautiful Life, anchored by the powerful vocals and incisive songwriting of Austin based Erika Wennerstrom, the Heartless Bastards have become a band whose tough, emotionally resonant music incorporates elements of blues, hard rock, garage punk, and country. The Bastards got their break, when Patrick Carney of the Black Keys saw the band at a small club, and passed a copy of their demo to the Black Keys‘ label at the time. Soon the Heartless Bastards were earning enthusiastic reviews from critics and sharing stages with the likes of Wilco and Lucinda Williams.

Rolling Stone described the Heartless Bastards as a small-town band ready to show the big city no mercy. The Village Voice called the Bastards deadeye accurate in pitch and message. Stylus gave the group high praise, saying Erika Wennerstrom and her band mates are creating more rocking songs and fat hooks than most bands can dream of. 

In this world of high ticket prices and anniversary tours of yesteryear, the Heartless Bastards are right now and right priced at just $25 per ticket. On Saturday evening, July 29th they’ll be performing outdoors at Century Center. If there’s a better place to see a live show in Central Oregon we’re unaware of it. Make sure to catch the Heartless Bastards, live at Century Center. You’ll be glad you did.

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