Got Glaciers? Going, Going, Gone Past-to-Future: Vanishing Glaciers in the Deschutes Basin

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Oregon’s glaciers are the natural water reservoirs of the high Cascade water towers. Glacier meltwater sustains rivers during the late summer and fall for flora, fauna and irrigation. The glacier melt chills streams for salmon and trout, with the attendant effect of cooling surrounding forests that reduces fire risk and intensity. In short, glaciers are an integral part of Central Oregon ecosystems and economies.

And yet, we do not know how many glaciers remain today in the basin, let alone how many existed a century ago. In this talk, Dr. Anders Carlson will present on the Oregon Glacier Institute’s findings from the first census of glaciers in Oregon since the 1950s. We will examine how these glacier changes are related to regional climate change, concluding the discussion on what the future holds for the remaining glaciers in the Deschutes Basin.

Date: Thursday, April 1st, replete with an April Fools’ Day surprise.

Time: 7:00 pm. We’ll open the session at 6:45 pm, so jump in early so we can start on time.

Where: Zoom, coz Covid. Here’s THE LINK