'Get A Taste Of This Place' Eat Locally Grown Food

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An effective and easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and eat healthy is to buy locally grown food. The High Desert Food and Farm Alliance (HDFFA) is helping local farmers and consumers connect to do just this. HDFFA launched a new ‘Get a Taste Of This Place’ campaign to help educate the who, what, where, why and how of eating locally grown food. They even have programs to help food insecure individuals eat locally grown food. Below is their message about their new campaign.

The High Desert Food and Farm Alliance  (HDFFA) announced that its launching a researched-based marketing campaign designed to help Central Oregonians eat more locally-grown food. The “Get a Taste of This Place” campaign includes the “Get A Taste” logo to be found in markets, restaurants, and food trucks, and it’s a clue that local food is nearby.

Simple Message, Big Impact: “This campaign is about helping people choose local,” says market researcher Clint Nye, whose local company conducted interviews all across Central Oregon to gather consumer opinions and attitudes about local food. “The two things we found in our research were that people don’t know what grows in Central Oregon, and that they don’t know where to find it.”

To remind Central Oregonians about the variety of local food produced right here, HDFFA has produced a colorful “Top 10 Locally Grown Foods” poster showing when over 35 Central Oregon crops are ripe and available. The poster is available for free at farmers markets, where local food is sold, and by request through HDFFA at (541) 390-3572.

Easy-to-spot signage produced by HDFFA will be on display at grocery stores, restaurants and wherever local food is sold. “The ‘Get a Taste’ logo is a way for you to be sure that you are supporting local farmers when you shop, and the quickest way to be sure you are getting local, fresh, super-nutritious food” according to Laurie Wayne, HDFFA’s Farm Support Program Coordinator. The nonprofit is also providing personalized “Get a Taste” signs and stickers to partners to help their customers find their products wherever local food is sold.

The “Get a Taste” campaign continues through the summer and into the fall. Those interested in learning more and buying local products can pick up a copy of the annual High Desert Food and Farm Directory, follow the #getatasteofthisplace hashtag on social media, or just point their web browsers to GetaTaste.org.

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