Garbage Men Break Down in Tears When Residents Surprise Them With ‘Thank You’ Party Attended By Mayor

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This inspiring video will lift your spirit to start the week in Backyard Bend. There are so many essential workers who continued to do their jobs during this pandemic and this community showed them just how much they appreciate them. Read the ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE. 

From the Good News Network. Video From WPLG Miami Local 10 News

Saul and Keon have never missed a day of work picking up trash in Miami Beach—and they’re especially glad they were covering their route this week as a beautiful surprise awaited them.

When their huge truck rolled down the street into the North Bay Road community they found scores of residents who’d gotten up early to line the street with signs and balloons, all to simply say ‘we love you’.

Jennifer Elegant wanted to show her family’s appreciation so she organized the socially-distancing surprise ‘thank you’ celebration to honor the essential workers whom she called “extraordinary”.

Even the Miami Beach mayor, Dan Gelber, showed up to salute them— because Saul Scruggs and Keon Richardson do so much more than pick up trash.

“They bring an incredible, positive energy to the entire neighborhood,” Jennifer told GNN. “Simply put, they spread joy.”

What is particularly special about these two men is the positive energy that they bring with them. They always have smiles on their faces and never miss an opportunity to say hello and brighten someone’s day. They also go out of their way to help others and expect nothing in return.

One day, Saul spent 45 minutes helping a neighbor dig through her trash to help her look for her lost wedding ring. He also waited over an hour with another neighbor who was having heart issues and needed an ambulance.

Jennifer has had “meaningful discussions” with these amazing sanitation workers about their inspiring levels of happiness and often share their wisdom with her Miami Dade College psychology students.

“They continue to maintain their upbeat demeanor even during this stressful COVID-19 pandemic, sacrificing their own safety in order to keep our city clean and beautiful,” she said.

“Every day we are surrounded by heroes who bring us inspiration and joy but too often we are unable to recognize these special individuals for the impact they make on others. I wanted Saul and Keon to know that we are thankful from the bottom of our hearts.”

And the thanks showed up yesterday in gift bags, cards, and presents—like a mini-trash truck from a little boy—presented to these ‘essential workers’ from the many people who appreciate them.

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