‘Friendship Over Business’: Coffee Shop Owner Helps Competitor Stay Open During Hospice Treatment By Good News Network - Dec 28, 2019

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From the Good News Network

These two Oregon coffee shops have always maintained their competition for business—but that didn’t stop one of them from offering a friendly hand when financial difficulties arose for the other. See the KATU VIDEO HERE. 

It has been one year since Dave and Tina McAdams opened up The Local Coffee Company in Oak Grove, Portland.

Unfortunately, Dave was forced to celebrate the milestone while he was in hospice care.

This is the third time that Dave has been diagnosed with cancer, although this most recent bout has been declared inoperable—and terminal.Rather than let the McAdams couple cope with the diagnosis and medical bills on their own, Pixie Adams of the Moonlight Coffee café on the other side of town stepped in to help.

Adams has been volunteering her time to the family by working at The Local for free. Not only have her actions helped to generate additional income to pay for the McAdams’ medical bills, it has also helped to guarantee that The Local will stay open even after Dave is gone.

“It’s supposed to be friendship over business, community over competition,” Pixie Adams told KATU. “I am here supporting them, trying to generate attention for their business to help make sure that after Dave is gone, they still have the ability to keep the coffee place open.”

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