Fox Walk + Owl Eyes - Kids Nature Hike

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We have some really awesome non-profits doing great things in Central Oregon. Things like; educating our kiddos how to respect, care for and interact with our natural places. We just posted a new “Featured Video” about loving Bend to death. The Deschutes Land Trust is actually doing something positive by providing educational events like this one. This event is for children to learn how to enter and interact with the natural places and we can’t think of a better way to positively affect the user impact issues in our wild and natural places than to educate the next generation.  More INFO HERE.

When: Saturday August 10th 10am – 1230pm

Join the Deschutes Land Trust and Susan Prince for a nature walk just for kids! We’ll gather at the Metolius Preserve to share nature stories and learn how to enter into wildlands like the animals do. Practice observation skills and group mapmaking as you learn new ways to connect with the beautiful and mysterious outdoors. Perfect for kids ages 8-14 with a grown-up in tow. Registration is required and opens 1 month prior to the event.

Rating: This is an easy for kids, ~1-2 mile walk on established trails.

What to bring: Snacks, water, closed toe shoes. Dress for the weather.

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