Forest Fires in Cascadia: Past, Present, and Future

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With the recent catastrophic wildfires that Oregon experienced last year, this online event is a chance to learn more about the science and what the future might look like. MORE INFO HERE.

This is a FREE online event is Tuesday Feb 9th 7pm – 830pm.

Fire has played a foundational role in the forests across the Pacific Northwest historically, currently, and will continue to do so well into the future. However, the natural role of fire, effects of past forest management, and effects of a warming climate are drastically different between the east and west side of the Cascade Mountains. In this talk, Dr. Brian J. Harvey will discuss some current research frontiers regarding forest fire ecology in Cascadia, and what the forests of the future may look like in a warm and more fire-prone future.
Dr. Brian J. Harvey is an assistant professor at the University of Washington in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. His research focuses on the drivers and effects of fire and other disturbances in forests, often with a focus on how multiple disturbances (eg., fire and insect outbreaks) interact. His work also examines how a warming climate is changing disturbance regimes and forest resilience to disturbance. In several current projects, he is working with collaborators, partners, and graduate students to understand the drivers and patterns of forest fires in the western Cascades, how forests are responding to recent fires.
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When: Tuesday Feb 9, 2021 07:00 PM Pacific Time
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