Fly and Field University: Strategies and Tips for Fly Fishing on Rivers

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Central Oregon has some of the best fly fishing in the west. Do you want to learn how to get started or learn more about fly fishing rivers in Central Oregon? Fly and Field Outfitters host their Fly and Field University series and folks this is a great resource to learn about this sport. Learn MORE HERE!

When: Tuesday June 11th

Where: Fly & Field Outfitters 35 SW Century Dr.

Here’s what will be covered. Rivers can be quite intimidating when it comes to learning hatches, reading water, understanding basic trout behavior and most definitely, your fly and gear selection. Join guide, Bob Smith for an evening of learning strategies and tips for fly fishing for trout in rivers.

Here are some topics that will be covered:

Basic trout behavior in rivers
Understanding hatch basics
Reading Water
Interpreting rise forms
From nymph to spinner, flies, and strategies for each stage of the hatch
Tricks to save time and fool fish.

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