Featured Artist Mike Gardelius

Posted on in category Travel & Adventure

Say hello to our current featured artist, Mike Gardelius. His photos in the ‘Featured Artist Gallery‘, capture Central Oregon in stunning beauty.

Mike is a regular backyardbend contributor, hashtagging his Instagram post with #backyardbend so they show up in the ‘Gallery’ on the homepage. Share your post and be part of the community. There’s no algorithm or ads, just post shared in real time.

You can find Mike on Instagram at @agentredbeard. Below is his bio. Give him a look and a shout out.

Hi, my name is Mike and I was born and raised in Estacada, OR. I was able to start photography as a hobby when my wife bought my first camera as a gift about six years ago. This hobby grew and gave me an opportunity to constantly explore, adventure, and experience amazing things in nature. I feel fortunate to live in Central OR and to have access to an abundance of photo worthy moments and memories. Not to mention great fishing, beer, and places to get out with the three dogs and wife.