Featured Artist Marshall Holloway

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Introducing Marshall Holloway, our current ‘Featured Artist’. Marshall has a keen eye for the beauty of Oregon and we are stoked to feature his photography. See a full gallery of his photos on the featured artist page. A little bit about him in his own words are below.

My name is Marshall Holloway. I am originally from Evergreen, Colorado and before moving to Bend I had lived in Colorado my entire life. I have now been in Bend for about four years. I have always had an interest in photography and capturing the beautiful moments that I experience. Only until recently did I start taking it more seriously when I got my first DSLR camera.

Photography correlates well with many of my passions. I have always enjoyed the outdoors and hiking and exploring. I am also a true adrenaline junky and have been passionate about off road motorcycle riding and racing for many years. Shooting action photography has been a fun addition to my photography skill set. And on occasion, I get to enjoy showing off in front of the lens, thanks to my amazing girlfriend that happens to share the same passions as me.