EXO ONE is a Futuristic Electric Vehicle Designed to Solve Traffic Jams

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From InHabitat by Dawn Hammon

Designer Piotr Czyżewski is well aware of traffic jams and parking issues, so he decided to try to tackle the problem by developing EXO ONE, a single-person electric vehicle, in the hopes that it will replace the multiple-person cars cramming the roadways.

The EXO ONE is futuristic, even by 2020 standards, and it addresses many environmental and societal issues that will continue in the years to come. The motor, brilliantly tucked inside the back wheel to save space inside the vehicle, propels the three-wheeled car at 0-60 km/h in just 3 seconds. That will help the vehicle seamlessly and safely merge into traffic. Although the electric battery can last up to 130 km on a single charge, it also contains 126 solar power cells for power assistance.

The compact design is intended for one person on a road filled with multi-passenger cars that only have one person in them anyway. Not only does the EXO ONE produce zero emissions, but the small dimensions allow for more valuable space in parking garages, lots and streets. Plus, a road full of these trikes will alleviate congestion and rush-hour misery.

It may be small, but the EXO ONE has safety features equal to most big rigs with front and back cameras that continuously record and even tell you whether you have a green light at an intersection. The traction and suspension systems allow the entire vehicle to tilt around corners at any speed. In addition, there are dusk and rain sensors, an electrically adjustable steering column and advanced navigation and blind-spot assistance. The cockpit offers a main display center for all vehicle functions plus a map. It tracks the battery condition, range and amount of energy flowing from solar panels to the batteries.

The design also includes myriad technological and personal conveniences such as multiple charging ports for phones and computers, heated seats and rear window, automatic air conditioning, leather interiors and front and rear storage compartments. Plus, it’s easily maneuverable and a cinch to park.