Epic Footage Showing Whales Playing Under The Northern Lights

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From The Adventure Style Network By Ben Gray

A group of humpback whales basking under the Northern Lights has been captured on camera by Norwegian TV. The video was filmed off the coast of Kvaløya (Whale Island) near the city of Tromsø. There is no commentary on this video so watch the video with the sound on to hear the whales having fun.

According to EarthTouch News Network, the footage was shot by Norwegian cameraman Harald Albrigtsen, who works for the Norwegian media company NRK. Link to the ARTICLE and VIDEO HERE. 

Albrigtsen was testing out a new low-light conditions camera when he spotted the whale/aurora combination. (He had spotted whales near that location earlier in the day.)

It’s one of those right place right time moments; Feeding humpback whales breaking the surface of the water along Norway’s coast, while the Aurora Borealis dances in the skies—that’s a rare treat indeed.

“After a few hours I was about to give up,” he said, according to a translation posted by EarthTouch. “But then they turned up again. I didn’t even know if everything was in focus … It was like a dream.”

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