Dog Tossed from I-5 overpass Recovering, Community Helping with Vet Bills

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A nice heartwarming story for your weekend. Following the link to watch the video.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KATU) — Community members are helping raise money for Hank, a dog who was seriously injured a few weeks ago when someone threw him off of an Interstate 5 overpass in Portland. READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE AND WATCH THE VIDEO. 

A few weeks ago, April Eells’ mother was driving near I-5 at Marine Drive when she saw something fall from the overpass.

She pulled over and found Hank seriously hurt.

April works at a veterinary clinic, and was able to get him the help and surgeries he needed. However, the fight isn’t over yet and the bills are adding up.

On Sunday, April and her family held a car wash for Hank, just one of many fundraisers they’ve set up to help the pup.

“Almost a year ago, my own daughter tried to commit suicide and she jumped off an overpass. So immediately it struck me because it was very symbolic of my own daughter, and my mom said that that was instantly she thought, ‘I’m not giving up on him.’ Because we didn’t give up on her,” April said.

Hank’s feet were pretty hurt in the fall, and he had to have several surgeries. It may be another 2 to 3 months before he can even try walking again.

Until then, he’s being showered with love and affection from his new family.

April is posting updates on Hank’s progress on her Facebook page.


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