Couple's 72nd Anniversary Photoshoot Goes Viral

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Warning: Warm and fuzzy feelings when reading. The “Princess Bride” got it right, there is True Love.

From CBS News by Caitlyn O’Kane

A senior living facility in Burlington, Colorado got to celebrate decades of true love last week, when two residents marked their 72nd wedding anniversary.

91-year-old lovebirds Leonard and Shirley Matties have been holding hands for more than seven decades, and they’re still doing it today. When one employee at Grace Manor Care Center heard their wedding anniversary was coming up, she chipped in to make the day extra special for them with a sweet photoshoot.

“I have been working in long term healthcare since I was 16. Working with the elderly has always been a huge passion to me,” Ardis Behrendsen, a Certified Nurses Aide, wrote on Facebook, sharing photos of the couple. “What I got to be a part of today was the most beautiful experience.”

“Not only was I able to get this beautiful bride a dress and doll her all up, but I was also able to take pictures of their very special day and capture the love and commitment they have for each other, even after 72 years,” Behrendsen’s post continued.

One of the couple’s seven children, Carolyn Martell, told CBS News the family was already planning an anniversary party, but Behrendsen really wanted to make it “above and beyond.” She thought to get a pink gown for Shirley for the special occasion.

When a staff member rolled Shirley out in her wheelchair, Leonard’s face absolutely lit up. Behrendsen shared video of the husband’s heartwarming reaction to seeing his bride.

Martell told CBS News her mom has dementia, which has been difficult for Leonard to understand. But that day, Shirley had no problem recognizing the love of her life. Read the FULL ARTICLE HERE.

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