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Subaru of Bend Outside Games

Central Oregon is truly a magical place… a great community with fantastic people. A place where one can mountain bike, kayak, rock climb, paddle board, ski, trail run, hike, road bike, skate and whatever else feeds their outdoor soul… all within twenty minutes of world class breweries, restaurants, shopping, live music and (for those of us lucky enough to live here) home! Central Oregon truly is paradise for Outdoor Games. That’s why we created the Outside Games, a series of events throughout Central Oregon – our chance to share with each of you the Central Oregon lifestyle.

The first thing you need to know about the Outside Games is that it’s less about competing with the pros, and more about playing with them… learning from them… and experiencing new things like the latest equipment, hidden trails, different paths, great live music, lots of laughs and most importantly, yourself! While you’re at it, you’ll also get to enjoy the world’s best beers and great live music. It’s what we do… we want to share it with you… and when we do it together during the Outside Games, you’ll also be supporting important non-profits, great outdoor events and the Central Oregon community that makes it all possible. So this summer make a date with Central Oregon and join us in beautiful Bend for the Outside Games, a series of events throughout Central Oregon – Made possible by Subaru of Bend, the Bend Radio Group, BackyardBend and the funemployable everywhere.

Check out our Facebook page for safety tips on when and where you can get outside and play during COVID-19. We will be back bringing you amazing Outside Games as soon as possible!