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Want to know a dirty little secret?

Wanna know the dirty little secret about social marketing platforms like Facebook and Instagram? It’s garbage in and garbage out. That’s right. These social platforms create no content.  Success in Social marketing is all about populating your platforms with quality content in a consistent fashion. And by quality we mean yours. Locally created, authentic and relevant. Not someone else’s. Your content. The digital world is very smart. And you won’t fool them with something less.

Want something back from the time and money you’re spending to create a digital presence? Ready to get serious? Then take your content seriously. And that’s where Backyardbend’s video team can help.

We’re former GoPro team members, video journalists and marketers who’ve worked with everyone from Rock Stars to Super Athletes … industry leading businesses and organizations. We provide quick, low hassle video journalism that engages people with your brand and product. We keep things simple, affordable, and most importantly, time relevant. Check out the video below. Want to learn how to make your social marketing work? Contact us at info@backyardbend.com.

Meet The Team


Kris Jamieson, most commonly known in the Outdoor and Travel Industry as Jaymo, has spent the last 30 years as a catalyst of sorts. Via unorthodox ideas, progressive logic and idealistic ventures he has been at the forefront curating many of the things our industries now take for granted. Jaymo was part of the original team who launched the now infamous Lib Tech and Gnu Snowboard Brands. He still works with them today.

Jaymo has co-produced and developed 100’s of action sports television programs; working with ABC Networks, The X Games, USA Network and international syndication groups. He worked intimately with the snowboarding and skiing content for both the Salt Lake and Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. He spent the last 7 years with GoPro Cameras wearing many different hats. His resume is a splattering of experiences from so many intertwined overlapping verticals that there are few who have cross pollinated like Jaymo has. Reach Kris directly at 971-344-0209


Jim Kinney has spent his life helping create experiences that enhance people’s lives in the travel and outdoor industries. He loves the outdoors and exploring the landscapes of the world. He has found the Central Oregon Life is his Nirvana. He is an avid alpine skier, backcountry enthusiast and storyteller that appreciates technological changes. He has embraced the evolution of video and social media marketing as a movement and a strategy. Jim has developed and produced 100’s of video and multi-media projects for clients. He enjoys providing creative media services to his clients in a cost effective and logical manner. Jim Strives to find ways in which messaging can be delivered with an organic heartfelt vibrancy.

He bases his vision on decades of resort management experience. Throughout the 90’s and 2000’s Jim operated several of the west’s finest outdoor resorts. Using that experience, he now strives to help other brands develop their messaging and tell their story to the life adventurer. Reach Jim directly at 541-410-2974 and LittleCoveMedia.com.

Here’s an example of our work


For more examples of our short form video production checkout the Backyardbend video archive page.

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