Community Support for Big Sky Bike Park at Deschutes County Hearing

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Today Oct 29 at 6pm. More INFO HERE!

As many of you know, the Bend Park & Rec Dept is working to build an impressive Valmont-style bike park at Big Sky Park/Luke Damon Sports Complex on the east side of Bend at Hamby and Neff. We at COTA fully support this project because of the varied biking opportunities it brings to our community.

This project is at risk, however, because there’s some resistance to the proposed bike park being used for races such as cyclocross or free ride competitions. Since it would be part of the Luke Damon Sports Complex, where soccer & BMX bike competitions are already held, it makes sense that the bike park should be utilized for bike races as well. The BPRD may rescind this proposed bike park if competitions aren’t allowed to be held.

If you want this, we NEED you to show up at the special hearing with the County Commissioners on October 29th, 6pm, at the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners Hearing Room at 1300 Wall St.

Per COTA Board member Woody Keen:

​ ‘I cannot stress enough how important it is for folks to show up at this public meeting and voice your support for the bike park. I have been involved in this process from the beginning, and we are so close to a world class bike park but we have this one last hurdle. The [Deschutes County\ Hearings Officer put a stipulation on the bike park of “no races and no special events” and the county commissioners are our last chance of getting that overturned (and moving forward with the bike park). BRPD has noted they have no interest in building a million dollar plus bike park that can not host special events etc. such as cyclocross races. Please show up for this.’

You SHOWING UP at the Oct 29th hearing is most effective.

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