City of Bend Creates Neighborhood Greenways

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We rounded up several ‘Positive News’ features for you this week and this one from Bend is close to home. If you haven’t seen any of the new neighborhood greenways take a look at the link to the City of Bend website where there are updates and maps for the project. CITY OF BEND GREENWAYS PROJECT HERE.

This project will design and construct an initial network of neighborhood greenways for walking and biking across Bend.

Neighborhood Greenway is a term used by many cities across the country to describe a route for walking and bicycling that is more comfortable than nearby busier streets. Proposed improvements include signs, pavement markings, and limited traffic calming such as stop sign changes, speed humps, and traffic circles. These streets remain open to auto traffic with access to homes and businesses unaffected. People walking, bicycling, and driving will continue to share the street as is the case today.


  • Provide safer connections – Many people are already walking and biking along these streets and even more may feel more comfortable with the addition of a small amount of signs, pavement markings, and traffic calming
  • Reduce cut through traffic and speeds – Traffic calming will help make the streets less attractive to drivers trying to avoid other nearby main streets. However, these streets will not be closed to auto traffic.
  • Help people cross busier streets – Improved crossings at main streets will help people walking and biking cross more easily.
  • Guide and help get people to where they are going – Pavement markings and future signs will let you know you are on the route and what’s nearby like parks, schools, and business districts.

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