City Ask Customers to Make a Voluntary Reduction in Water Usage

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Starting yesterday June 25th, the City of Bend has instituted outdoor water hours and is asking customers to reduce their use due to a choloring shortage.  Watering schedules are on the city’s website HERE.

Last week the City became aware of a critical chlorine supply issue creating a shortage throughout the west that may affect Bend and other utilities throughout the PNW. The chlorine shortage was caused by an equipment failure at a chlorine manufacturing facility that supplies the West Coast.

Our drinking water coming out of your tap remains safe to drink and use, protection of public health is the City of Bend Utility Department’s number one priority.

In response, the City of Bend is asking all of its water customers to make a voluntary reduction in water usage starting today.  This means, at a minimum, making sure everyone is adhering to Bend Water Use code which specifies even/odd day watering, reducing runtimes to make sure they are not excessive, eliminating runoff, and repairing any broken sprinkler equipment as soon as possible.

In addition, please refrain from unnecessary extraneous water use i.e. filling pools, washing down hard surfaces or cars with a hose etc.  These efforts will help us get through a critical time of peak season demands and may prevent triggering a mandatory reduction.

Water conservation staff will be actively engaging the community to educate and assist customers in preventing water waste and finding actionable ways to realize water savings while maintaining landscape health.  Offerings include free assistance through the Sprinkler Inspection Program and the Large Landscape program for larger properties with over an acre of landscape area. Additional resources and tips are available on the webpage at  Contact us for assistance or interest in either of these programs by emailing us at: