Central Oregon SOS - Support for Employees and Employers

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The Central Oregon SOS website is a new community resource developed in response to the current economic downturn. There are many in our community who are in need of resources to deal with the job loss, business shutdowns and other related challenges. This website has a comprehensive list of resources to help navigate the situation and find assistance that can help.

We Stand With You
Through Hardship

S.O.S. – the universal signal for help or distress. Whether that is from the Coronavirus pandemic or something more regional, like wildfires, people are likely to be in need of assistance.

CentralOregonSOS.com is about hearing that initial signal for help and is the response to it. This site is designed as a beacon to where businesses and their employees go for information, find help and connect to those who have answers.

Filled with useful and comprehensive resources, including where to find financial assistance, and developed by a consortium of regional partners, CentralOregonSOS.com represents the best in how our region responds together in a time of need.

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