• Valentina Sampaio Announces Modeling For Victoria's Secret, The First Trans Model To Do So

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    We are starting each Monday off with a series of “Positive News” stories. Why not start your week on a positive note!

    From ABC NEWS

    Valentina Sampaio has announced that she is working with Victoria’s Secret as its first transgender model.

    The Brazilian star, who has been featured in campaigns by L’Oréal and in Vogue editorials, posted last week from what she said was behind the scenes at Victoria’s Secret.

    Victoria’s Secret has not made an announcement about Sampaio, but her manager told Entertainment Tonight that Sampaio is “very happy” and hopes to “break barriers and to make a step to more inclusivity and representation for everybody.”


  • Move Towards Your Resistance

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    We thought some Wednesday wisdom might help get you through the week.

    Zen Habits by Leo Babauta “Move Towards Your Resistance”

    Our minds have the tendency to turn away and move away from what we’re fearing and resisting the most. We naturally don’t like pain, frustration, difficulty. So turning away and avoiding and putting off are protective acts.

    And yet, this keeps us in our comfort zone. The path of growth is in the parts we’re resisting.

    Each day, find the thing you’re resisting the most and move towards it.

    I don’t mean that you should do something that’s actually unsafe. Jumping off a cliff to your death is not a good example of moving towards your resistance. Putting yourself…

  • Instead of Using Birthday Money for Disney World Vacation, 6-Year-old Uses It to Feed Hurricane Evacuees

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    This is so awesome and reminds us that compassion and giving to those who need help is something we can surely find the time and means to do.

    From the Good News Network

    “Rather than using his birthday vacation money to go to Disney World, this little boy chose to feed Hurricane Dorian evacuees instead.

    Jermaine Bell will be turning 7 years old on September 8th. His parents had originally saved up some money so they could celebrate the youngster’s big day at ‘the happiest place on Earth’—but since the hurricane hit the east coast, Jermaine wanted to make sure those in the midst of it had something eat.

    He and his family from Allentown, South Carolina then used their…

  • 9-Year-Old Double-Amputee A Star At New York Fashion Week

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    It’s always inspiring to hear stories of children who make their dreams come true. And hearing of those with severe challenges reaching for more and achieving in spite of those challenges inspires us to reach for our dreams. If they can do, we can too. This little girl is an inspiration to us all. Spoiler alert. You will be amazed, inspired and maybe get the chills. Way to go Daisy-May!!!

    From CBS News Via MSN.com

    “Daisy-May Demetre is, in many ways, just like any fifth-grader. In school, she prefers English over math, and loves gymnastics. But it’s her moves on the runway that exude the most confidence.

    Yesterday, she became the first child double-amputee to walk in a show at…

  • Alaska Airlines Adding Three New California Flights From Redmond Airport

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    More new daily flights to California from Central Oregon are coming in 2020. Alaska Airlines has announced it will operate new daily flights to Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.  This positive development opens new connecting flights to new destinations.

    This comes on the heels of United’s new seasonal flights to Chicago and Allegiant’s new direct flights to Phoenix and Las Vegas starting in October, 2019. Looks like #backyardbend is spreading its wings.

  • Africa is on track to be declared polio-free

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    We hear so much about the stories of illness and disease and they are important to have awareness of the work that needs to be done to fight and eliminate the human suffering of preventable diseases. This is a story of the success achieved in the fight against Polio.

    From the Economist

    “THERE IS NO cure for polio. The virus, which is spread from person to person, attacks the brain and spinal cord, bending children’s limbs into horrific spider-like contortions. It has killed or crippled millions, rich and poor alike (President Franklin D. Roosevelt famously contracted the disease). Luckily, there is good news. Today marks three years since Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, reported a case of the virus. As…

  • Bend Girl To Be Featured In Times Square

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    This should make you feel good on a Monday. Bend’s very own Alyvia is a superstar. Here’s the link to the KTVZ story.

    A Bend girl will be seeing herself on the big screen in New York City’s Times Square to help kick off the National Down Syndrome Society’s annual Buddy Walk.

    Eight-year-old Alyvia Hallman and her family head to New York City for the event on Sept. 14, where her photo will be featured in an accompanying video presentation shown in Times Square.

    Her mother, Celeste Hallman, entered Alyvia’s photo in the NDSS worldwide call for photos for four years in a row. Out of the 3,000 pictures submitted, Alyvia’s was one of the 500 selected photos.

  • Made From 10 Tons Of Plastic & 30,000 Flip Flops, This Boat Will Sail Against Plastic Pollution

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    Creating awareness of the problem of plastic trash in the world’s oceans seems like positive news. This article from the India Times about an African community who did something about it is inspiring and shows every action counts. See the full article HERE.

    “On the Kenyan island of Lamu, a few hundred miles off the coast of Zanzibar, sits a colorful water vessel that looks more patchwork quilt than boat.

    It’s not just an eccentric paint job though, it’s because the boat is actually made from recycled plastic and flip flops.

    The Flipflopi as it’s called is a life-size sailing boat, approximately 30 feet long. More importantly, it’s constructed entirely from 10 tons of recycled plastics and around 30,000…

  • How Shift Happens in Our Lives

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    The summer is winding down and moving into fall gives us the chance to reflect and determine if we need to shift something in our lives.  We found this to share that may be helpful for moving into and through a major shift.

    From Zen Habits and author Leo Babauta.

    “There are a lot of us who would like to change something, but find it difficult to make that change. I’m here to share with you the fact that making a shift like this is absolutely possible, and share how that shift might happen.

    So let’s start with this: making a shift in our lives is absolutely possible. Not only have I made dozens of changes in my life, I’ve…

  • How to See the Northern Lights in the U.S. This Labor Day Weekend

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    As you are out adventuring in #backyardbend this weekend keep this in mind for after sunset. An incoming G1 or G2 geomagnetic storm is forecasted for Saturday and Sunday.

    Have you ever seen the creeping, twisting, and sometimes pulsing green lights they call the aurora borealis? Also known as the northern lights, if this celestial sight is on your bucket list be prepared to make a little effort this weekend and you may just get lucky. A G1 or G2 geomagnetic storm is predicted by the NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center, and it may cause northern lights to be visible in the U.S.

    How to see the northern lights in the U.S.…

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