• Homeless Woman Surprised With Bike After Hers Was Stolen

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    From MSN News by JOHANNA LI

    A homeless woman was moved to tears by a police officer who gifted her a bike when hers was stolen. Read the full article and see the video HERE.

    “I was really happy because I’m trying so hard because everything was falling apart,” Jessica Madras said, in a video taken by the Sarasota Police Department in Florida. “For once, something good happened.

    Several nights ago, Madras found her bike had disappeared while she was at work.

    “I noticed my bike was missing, I thought my husband had took it at first,” she recalled. “Then realized a customer walked out of the store and took my bicycle.”

  • Flight Attendant Writes Kind Note to Deaf Teen Passenger Flying Alone for 1st Time

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    From MSN News by Deborah Hastings

    Ashley Ober is 16 and deaf. She was more than a little anxious about flying alone for the first time. But, she told her mom, she wanted to be independent. Read the full article HERE.

    So she got on a plane in Baltimore, headed for Rochester, New York. As her mom waited nervously outside the terminal to receive word that all was OK, Ashley sent her a text.

    “The attendant handed her this note on the plane!” Loretta Ober wrote on Twitter. “Delta makes it amazing!”Ashley landed in Rochester without incident, but she is still carrying the note from the flight attendant named Janna.

  • Team Sends Life-Saving Insulin To A Remote Island Via Drone

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    From ABC News

    An international team of scientists and health care workers have completed the world’s first drone insulin delivery — dropping off the life-saving medicine to a remote island in Ireland. Read the full article HERE.

    Spearheaded by researchers at the National University of Ireland, Galway, the team oversaw the takeoff and landing of a drone carrying insulin and glucagon prescription medicines as well as a collection of blood samples between the Connemara Airport in Galway to Inis Mor in the Aran Islands.

    “Insulin is essential for my survival and having a diabetes drone service in an emergency situation would ensure this survival while living on an offshore island,” Marion Hernon, a patient living with diabetes on the…

  • Watch Rescuers Form a Human Chain to Save Four Dolphins Trapped in Florida Canal

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    A team of conservationists managed to save four dolphins from a Florida waterway after they joined together to form a human chain earlier this week. Watch the VIDEO HERE.

    Rescuers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and Clearwater Marine Aquarium say that the two mother dolphins and their calves had become stranded in the St. Petersburg canal because they perceived the bridges to be barriers.

    Since the cetaceans couldn’t figure out how to get back to the waters of Tampa Bay, they remained trapped inside the canal—and since the canal waters were low in salinity, they may not have survived very long.

    After marine experts received reports of the dolphins’ plight, however, more than a dozen rescuers arrived…

  • Old Farmer’s Almanac Drops Winter 2020 Forecast

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    Okay #backyardbend, this means we will see endless storms of 6- 12 inches overnight followed by morning clearing and blue bird powder days in Central Oregon. We’ll take it.

    From Powder Magazine By Jake Stern

    Think it’s too early to start planning your winter? The Old Farmer’s Almanac doesn’t. Published continuously since 1792, the Almanac is a mainstay in the lives of powder hounds everywhere.

    This year’s forecast should excite any Rocky Mountains skier, where the Almanac calls for plentiful deep powder, coming in no less than a whopping seven large storm cycles. For the Cascadians among us, it should come as no surprise that the Almanac predicts copious, wet snowfall in the Pacific Northwest.

    The Northeast is shaping…

  • This Is The Biggest Effort To Clear 1 Trillion Plastic Pieces From Our Oceans Over Next 5 Years

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    From The India Times By Gwyn D’Mello

    If we can go to Mars and the Moon, then of course we can figure out how to clean up the oceans. Let’s all embrace the youthful optimism like Boyan Slat. This reminds us how grateful we are for our Central Oregon #backyardbend clean water.

    Boyan Slat is a 23-year-old Dutch inventor, and founder of the highly ambitious Ocean Cleanup project.And in a little over a week, the group will embark on a complex plan to reduce the size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch by half within the next five years.

    The initiative has been a long time coming, having first been started by Slat in 2013 at the tender age…

  • See How Generations of Muslims Have Taken Care of a Jewish Synagogue in India

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    Here’s an uplifting story of people who choose a peaceful way to live in community together. Seems like it should be just that easy.

    From The Good News Network

    By McKinley Corbley

    Throughout history, there has been generations of conflict between Muslims and Jews – but there is nothing but peace and respect to be found between the two faiths at this Indian synagogue.

    For years, Muslim families have been caring for the Magen David Synagogue in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta).

    The ornate place of Jewish worship, which was built back in 1884, is the oldest synagogue in the entire capital city. Back in the 1940s, the city had a thriving Jewish community which maintained close, amiable ties with their…

  • Bold Effort To Save Rhino Completes Critical Step

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    Be inspired by this in-depth story from National Geographic of committed people working to save the white rhinos and make your Monday in #backyardbend a good one.

    By Haley Cohen Gilliland

    On a frigid day in December 2009, four northern white rhinos were picked up from the Dvůr Králové Zoo in the Czech Republic and transported to the airport in Prague, where they were loaded onto a Martinair 747 cargo jet as snow swirled outside. Accompanied by a veterinarian and packed in special wooden crates built to support their heft—they typically weigh between 3,750 pounds and 5,290 pounds—the rhinos flew to Kenya. There, they were scooped up in DHL trucks and driven to…

  • Valentina Sampaio Announces Modeling For Victoria's Secret, The First Trans Model To Do So

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    We are starting each Monday off with a series of “Positive News” stories. Why not start your week on a positive note!

    From ABC NEWS

    Valentina Sampaio has announced that she is working with Victoria’s Secret as its first transgender model.

    The Brazilian star, who has been featured in campaigns by L’Oréal and in Vogue editorials, posted last week from what she said was behind the scenes at Victoria’s Secret.

    Victoria’s Secret has not made an announcement about Sampaio, but her manager told Entertainment Tonight that Sampaio is “very happy” and hopes to “break barriers and to make a step to more inclusivity and representation for everybody.”


  • Move Towards Your Resistance

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    We thought some Wednesday wisdom might help get you through the week.

    Zen Habits by Leo Babauta “Move Towards Your Resistance”

    Our minds have the tendency to turn away and move away from what we’re fearing and resisting the most. We naturally don’t like pain, frustration, difficulty. So turning away and avoiding and putting off are protective acts.

    And yet, this keeps us in our comfort zone. The path of growth is in the parts we’re resisting.

    Each day, find the thing you’re resisting the most and move towards it.

    I don’t mean that you should do something that’s actually unsafe. Jumping off a cliff to your death is not a good example of moving towards your resistance. Putting yourself…

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