• GiddyUP! Film Tour - Bend

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    Friday Sep 13th, join in on the Outdoor City USA fun at LOGE Bend for the next stop on the GiddyUP! Film Tour!

    GiddyUP! Film Tour brings bicycle lovers together for a unique social event featuring the best in cycling cinema.

    The GiddyUP! Film Tour unveils films from around the globe showcasing exactly why we all love to ride… A love of tight and twisty singletrack, finding that perfect gravel road for an adventure, grinding out a solid effort all the way to the top of a road climb or simply shedding all the stress from a long day.

    You don’t need to be a cyclist to love these films, you just have to like a…

  • Camping Banned At No Name Lake

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    The National Forest has banned camping within 1/4 mile of No Name Lake in the Three Sisters Wilderness due to too much human impact, specifically, too much human waste (poop).  Unfortunately, some of our wild places are getting loved to death.  We previously produced a video with the Deschutes National Forest about the new permit system that will be implemented at some Central Oregon trailheads next year. You can find that on the video archives page.  A controversial issue, it begs the question on what to do with more use and more impact?

    In August the Deschutes National Forest office issued this new restriction because of the humans not properly practicing Leave No Trace principles while camping at the famous…

  • Outdoor City USA Coming To Mt. Bachelor Sep 13th-15th

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    This new event is a vision of something really awesome. It will bring together outdoor gear companies, retailers and consumers for an outdoor sports expo and events that everyone can participate in.  We’re excited to be partnering with Outdoor City USA for three days of outdoor fun. This family-friendly event is offering a lengthy list of activities from rides and runs to hikes and wall climbs, in addition to an outdoor industry expo.  Join us at Outdoor City USA in what Outside Magazine has called America’s Best Multi-Sport Town, and check out the link below to learn more.


  • Volcano Hike Hosted By The Deschutes Land Trust

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    Monday Aug 19th join the Deschutes Land Trust and Daniele McKay for a sunset hike to the top of a small volcano located in Skyline Forest. Three Creek Butte is one of many small volcanoes scattered throughout the Three Sisters region. From its peak, we’ll take in views of the larger volcanoes in the region and discuss the geologic history of the Cascades and the potential for future eruptions. More INFO HERE!

  • Fox Walk + Owl Eyes - Kids Nature Hike

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    We have some really awesome non-profits doing great things in Central Oregon. Things like; educating our kiddos how to respect, care for and interact with our natural places. We just posted a new “Featured Video” about loving Bend to death. The Deschutes Land Trust is actually doing something positive by providing educational events like this one. This event is for children to learn how to enter and interact with the natural places and we can’t think of a better way to positively affect the user impact issues in our wild and natural places than to educate the next generation.  More INFO HERE.

    When: Saturday August 10th 10am – 1230pm

    Join the Deschutes Land Trust and Susan Prince…

  • Outdoor City Is Coming To Mt. Bachelor Sep 13-15

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    Press Release July 31, 2019

    Justin Yax, DVA Advertising & PR, 541-389-2411, justin@dvaadv.com
    Beverly Lucas, OCUSA, 458-292-7550, beverly@outdoorcityusa.com 

    Event serves up a menu of cycling, running, climbing, and hiking, plus music, food, and fun for outdoors lovers of all ages and levels

    (BEND, Ore.) — While outdoor lovers might not need another reason to visit – or return – to Bend, Ore., Outdoor City USA is set to premiere its three-day, multi-sport outdoor festival September 13-15 in the heart of Central Oregon. The event will include…

  • Deschutes River Urban Corridor Hike

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    Hosted by the Coalition For The Deschutes, this 6-mile interpretive hike gives an overview of the many ways the Deschutes River is used, and how it has changed through the decades. We’ll make several stops along the way, including canal diversions and a hydro power station on the southern edge of town. More INFO HERE.

    When: Wednesday, May 22, 8:30 am – 1:00 pm
    Where: Deschutes River Trail. Meet near the canals on NE Division, approximately across the street from the old Riverbend Brewing Sports Pub location.


  • Leslie Gulch Hike In Oregon's Owyhee Canyon Wilderness

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    Eastern Oregon offers some of the most amazing wilderness and natural areas in the lower 48 and the Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA) is a leader in protecting and sharing these areas for public enjoyment. ONDA has several hikes detailed on their website to help you explore this region of Oregon. This hike offers different user levels the opportunity to get to some awesome Eastern Oregon desert landscapes.

    Follow the link to the ONDA website for the full description of this recommended hike. https://onda.org/hike/leslie-gulch/

    Remember this is a remote and fragile area of Oregon, so please learn about traveling in these wild areas and use environmentally friendly practices while enjoying.

    From the ONDA website – Leslie Gulch Hike Description

  • Camp Polk History Wander Guided Hike With The Deschutes Land Trust

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    Join the Deschutes Land Trust and Kelly Madden for a history wander around Camp Polk Meadow Preserve. Explore the starring role that Camp Polk played in the history of Central Oregon as one of the original stopping places on the Santiam Wagon Road. Admire the craftsmanship of the Hindman barn (one of Deschutes County’s oldest structures) and imagine what living in the Hindman house would have been like for the Hindman family. Then explore the nearby cemetery and learn the stories it has to share. Registration Required.

    When: Tuesday May 7th, 530pm.  More INFO HERE!

    Camp Polk Meadow has long been a unique wetland oasis in the Central Oregon high desert landscape, and fortunately nearly all of the 151-acre…

  • The UP North Loop: 2,600 Miles Through The Inland Northwest

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    Not since Lewis and Clark have a pair of adventurers had so profound an experience of the vast lands of the American Northwest, and its unique geology, history, and people. MORE INFO HERE!

    When: Thursday April 11th     Where: Footzone Bend 842 NW Wall St. Downtown

    On May 14th, 2018, “UltraPedestrian” Ras Vaughan and Kathy “OBAL Unbranded” Vaughan, aka Team UltraPedestrian, set out hiking south on the Idaho Centennial Trail from the small town of Hammett, Idaho. At 4:22:00 pm on Monday, November 5th, after covering more than 2,600 miles on foot over the course of 174 days they returned to their starting point to complete the first ever UP North Loop. Their route linked together parts of the…

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