Camping Banned At No Name Lake

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The National Forest has banned camping within 1/4 mile of No Name Lake in the Three Sisters Wilderness due to too much human impact, specifically, too much human waste (poop).  Unfortunately, some of our wild places are getting loved to death.  We previously produced a video with the Deschutes National Forest about the new permit system that will be implemented at some Central Oregon trailheads next year. You can find that on the video archives page.  A controversial issue, it begs the question on what to do with more use and more impact?

In August the Deschutes National Forest office issued this new restriction because of the humans not properly practicing Leave No Trace principles while camping at the famous lake shoreline. How else can we all be part of positive solutions? We will keep exploring these questions and bring you information that hopefully engages positive steps for the future. In the meantime, let’s all be stewards and help educate those who are not taking care of our natural places.  Practice Leave No Trace, it’s really important.


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