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This timely 6 part series from One Tree Planted is relevant to Oregon and all of the western U.S., as well as, California. This is a look into the many challenges facing the forest, population, and environment, and the solutions being employed to help avoid and recover from catastrophic wildfires.

Throughout this series we meet the people dedicated to ensuring forests are healthy and safe. From policymakers to academics, to the tree planters and firefighters, these people are on the frontlines of the collective effort to restore California’s and other western states landscapes and instill hope for future generations.

The 2020 California and Oregon fires have once again been record-breaking. From the first gigafire in California to hundreds of smaller fires popping up all over the state, this series explores how the wildfire situation got so bad in California, and how we can stop them from occurring in the future.

Episode 05: The Need for Seed When and why should tree planting occur after forest fires? When planned appropriately, reforestation after fires can accelerate of often save ecosystems that would not recover, or would not recover at a rate necessary to ensure the survival of that ecosystem. In this episode, forestry experts at the Placerville seedling nursery share how they grow millions of trees for California’s National Forests, the US Forest Service, Cal Fire, Resource Conservation Districts, and other organizations.

By focusing on planting trees in large areas that have no natural seed source, the foresters are giving ecosystems a chance to recover after the unnaturally destructive fires. Everything I meticulously planned, from the tree species selected, timing the tree planting to ensure high survivability, proper spacing between each tree and where the planting will generate the highest positive impact.