Backyardbend Internet Radio Is Live, Local, and Community Inspired

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We love music – live music, recorded music, and streaming music. We have a whole page dedicated to music – ‘StreamCast’. We also were looking for something different to stream for ourselves that was a collection of music that is different and that we could put on in the office or for gathering with friends. Backyardbend Internet Radio is what we came up with. Try it this weekend. We hope you enjoy it.

BackyardBend Internet Radio is local radio streamed to your smartphone, laptop, and other devices. If you grew up collecting albums vs. songs…if you went deep into music…then you’re going to love this radio station! From Elvis and Aretha to the present, we’ve scoured the libraries of Rock n’ Roll, Blues, Folk, Soul and more for deep tracks, unique tracks, rare demos, and live recordings.

Our on-air hosts are live, local, and free from the constraints of commercial radio. BackyardBend Internet Radio is a labor of love for us. We hope you enjoy it and invite you to share your music gems with us. Let’s create an incredible radio station together.