Backyard XC Skiing!!

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I’m not a fan of the crazy downhill action but I’ve recently discovered Cross Country Skiing and WHY I WAITED SO LONG TO TRY is beyond me!?  Seriously kicking myself for that!!  I was hooked my first time out, and it’s working muscles that I’ve forgotten about, which actually says something considering I stay active with hiking, mountain biking, running and yoga.  This shot here, believe it or not, was taken right outside my backyard- no joke!  I’m super fortunate right now to have access to this BLM area right outside my back gate, and what a great oppourtunity to take advantage of our recent storms!  Strategically, we headed out towards the end of the day to soak up all that golden low light, also known as “the golden hour”….which makes for great pictures too;)  I’m so thankful for our beautiful “backyard”!  CHEERS!

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