Aspiring Barista Uses Coffee Shop Supplies to Make Free Drinks for Essential Workers From His Window

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From the Good News Network By McKinley Corbley

Rather than twiddling his thumbs in self-isolation, this aspiring San Francisco barista has been making free coffee for essential workers passing by his window.

Prior to the novel coronavirus shutdowns across California, Ben Ramirez had been taking barista classes with the hopes of eventually opening up his own coffee shop. Read the ARTICLE HERE .

Since Ramirez has been forced to stay inside his home on Pfeiffer street, he decided to use his abundance of brewing supplies and ingredients to make free coffee for mailmen, hospital staffers, and other essential workers walking past his window.

Ramirez is careful to maintain social distancing guidelines by using a toy gorilla arm that he borrowed from his son to pass the coffee to his visitors.

“I’ve always wanted to do something out of this window,” Ramirez told WABC in the interview below. “You know we have this nice small street where everyone knows each other.”

If you’re inspired to run a similar labor of love out of your household window, Ramirez says he has been advertising to passerby simply by setting out a sidewalk sign that reads: “FREE COFFEE!”

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