Africa is on track to be declared polio-free

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We hear so much about the stories of illness and disease and they are important to have awareness of the work that needs to be done to fight and eliminate the human suffering of preventable diseases. This is a story of the success achieved in the fight against Polio.

From the Economist

“THERE IS NO cure for polio. The virus, which is spread from person to person, attacks the brain and spinal cord, bending children’s limbs into horrific spider-like contortions. It has killed or crippled millions, rich and poor alike (President Franklin D. Roosevelt famously contracted the disease). Luckily, there is good news. Today marks three years since Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, reported a case of the virus. As recently as 2012, the country accounted for more than half of all global polio cases, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). It is now on the verge of wiping out the disease. By 2020 the entire African continent may be declared polio-free.” Read the full article HERE.

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