Abortion, gender-affirming care bill heads to the Oregon Senate

A bill regarding abortion and gender-affirming care makes it way to the Oregon Senate. Find out more here.
By Sydney Wyatt, Salem Statesman Journal

Legislation to allow minors younger than 15 to get abortions without parental approval, expand state coverage of medical services for transgender individuals and make several other changes to state laws regulating reproductive and gender-affirming care has passed the Oregon House of Representatives, despite Republicans’ repeated attempts to block House Bill 2002.

It now needs approval from the state Senate before going to Gov. Tina Kotek for her consideration.

House members spent nearly 10 hours on the floor Monday, primarily on the 46-page bill’s third reading and parliamentary motions and debate. House Speaker Dan Rayfield repeatedly urged Republicans to maintain proper decorum and stick to talking about the bill’s provisions.

The vote was 36-23, with every Democrat supporting the bill and all but one Republican opposed.

Rep. Charlie Conrad, R-Eastern Lane, voted in favor, saying he was “supporting those who are facing difficult circumstances, supporting providers focused on ensuring equitable and appropriate healthcare is provided to people of all ages, and supporting people’s rights to choose what is right for them.”


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