21 calves born this season to Salish Sea humpback whales, breaking record

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Here’s some fantastic news about the humpback whale population in the Salish Sea! Enjoy this quick, positive read. Happy Monday!

SEATTLE – More humpback whale calves have been born this season in the Salish Sea than ever recorded.

The Pacific Whale Watch Association reported Friday its researchers have counted 21 calves this season throughout inland Washington and British Columbia.

There were just 11 reported in 2020.

“2021 has been a banner year for female humpbacks coming into the Salish Sea with new calves,” says Wendi Robinson, naturalist with Puget Sound Express. “Calves only travel with mom for a year or so and then they’re on their own. Once they’re familiar with our waters, they will often return year after year to feed.”

Experts say they aren’t sure why there’s such a baby boom, but PWWA Executive Director Erin Gless did put her two cents in.

“We’re not sure why there were so many calves this year,” Gless said. “It’s possible the last two years had an abundance of food for the whales, or it could be as simple as the fact that as the number of adult whales in the population grows, so too does the number of calves we can expect to see each year.”