COTA Membership Matters

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Here is some positive news on what COTA volunteers have accomplished over the last year right here in Central Oregon. Consider becoming a member. You’ll meet people with positive vibes and you can contribute to the community in a meaningful way. Get the trucker hat, it so worth it. See below.

The days are warming up and the trails here in Central Oregon are drying out so what better time to become a COTA member and support the work that goes into making all those trails so awesome.

Did you know:

COTA volunteers worked 7,200 hours in 2020 building, maintaining and advocating for MTB trails

Last year we led dozens of trail projects, even with tight pandemic and smoky air restrictions

We have over 500 miles of MTB trails spread throughout 6 chapters, with more in the pipeline

There are already 1,750 COTA members who love riding the trails here like you
Membership matters. Click here to become a member and support our work to keep the trails maintained and signs up to point the way.

Those who can step up for a $100+ annual membership during April receive a COTA embroidered trucker hat!