10 Beautiful Virtual Garden Tours You Can Enjoy at Home During Quarantine

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It’s spring in Backyard Bend and we thought this article was a nice way to enjoy some of the world’s best Botanical Gardens. We included the top 5 here with links to take the tour. If you want to see the full top 10 list and links to tours of each connect HERE. We included this video tour from the U.S. Botanic Garden. It’s one of several you can see on their YouTube Channel. Enjoy!


These days, it’s not possible for many of us to get out and enjoy nature. Luckily, some of the world’s most beautiful botanic gardens are helping bring nature to us with virtual online tours of their gorgeous flowers, trees, greenhouses, and other natural areas. Here’s a look at 10 virtual garden tours you can take from the comfort of your own home.

1. United States Botanic Garden

The United States Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C., is one of the oldest botanic gardens in the country, founded in 1820. With help from Google Maps, the garden created an interactive virtual tour of its outdoor plants, as well as inside its conservatory. The conservatory includes a wide variety of plants and flowers, including a tropical jungle, desert succulents, orchids, rare and endangered plants and habitats, and more.

Take the tour here.

2. Hawaii Tropical Botanic Garden

This lush garden, located on the Big Island of Hawaii, includes more than 2,000 species of tropical plants, and features acres of jungle trails, streams and waterfalls. The gardens are also home to diverse species of wildlife, including geckos, Mynah birds, Hawaiian hawks, and Hawaiian monk seals. A beautiful video tour offers a peek into different parts of the garden, complete with a relaxing soundtrack.

Take the tour here.

3. Birmingham Botanic Gardens

The Birmingham Botanic Gardens in England, opened in 1862, are home to more than 7,000 plant species, as well as a gorgeous rock garden, fern garden, and glasshouses containing tropical and desert species. A virtual tour of the Garden Terrace allows you to explore the more landscaped areas of the garden. A professional horticulturist at the gardens, Chris Howell, also maintains an excellent Instagram account where he regularly uploads photos of the gardens in bloom.

Take the tour here.

4. RHS Wisley

The Royal Horticultural Society garden at Wisley is one of the most visited botanic gardens in the UK. The gardens, covering 240 acres, include multiple glasshouses with desert and tropical displays, a fruit field, an alpine meadow, a vegetable garden, and more. In a “lockdown edition” video tour of the gardens, curator Matthew Pottage gives viewers an aerial tour of some of the gardens’ most beautiful areas.

Take the tour here.

5. Kew Gardens

These expansive gardens on the outskirts of London date back to 1759, when Princess August, the mother of George III, created a nine-acre botanic garden on the grounds of Kew Palace. Today, Kew is home to 330 acres of gardens and glasshouses, and is also a global hub for scientific research on plants, fungi, and their relation to issues like climate change. Right now, Kew Gardens is offering an online hub for exploring its many attractions, including the Tropical Nursery, the Palm House, and the Princess of Wales Conservatory.

Take the tour here.