10 Barrel Brewing Presents Gravicross 2019 At Mt. Bachelor

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10 Barrel Brewing’s “Gravicross” is back at Mt. Bachelor and this is a fun event to participate in or come out and watch. The course is visible from the West Village base area and you’ll see the jumps and stair climb right in front of you. Come up, grab a beer, and get some mountain sunshine this Saturday July 13th. More INFO HERE!
Take downhill mountain biking and cyclo-cross, smash them together into one event, and you have the 3rd Annual ‘GraviCross’ presented by 10 Barrel Brewing Company at Mt. Bachelor. The short course inspired by gravity, bike park, and cyclo-cross race pushes riders to their limits and puts on a show you won’t want to miss.

Register now to compete for $15k in cash and prizes, or make plans to come up, drink beer, and cheer on the riders! Register Here!

GraviCross will take place on a specially designed event course located within the West Village base area between the Sunshine Accelerator and Pine Marten lifts. The lap-able course will require riders to navigate over uphill climbs, downhill sections, bike park features, drops, berms, rock gardens, and other surprising obstacles.

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